Disciplinary Code

  • Students should bring their I.D Cards everyday. I.D. Cards should be produced anytime when demanded.
  • No student of one class shall enter any other class Under any Pretext.
  • Absolute silence should be maintained while moving From class room to laboratory/ library/ auditorium and while returning.
  • Students should not sit in the parapet walls or in the steps or staircases.
  • Students are forbidden from writing, scribbling, painting on the walls, desks etc.,
  • Students found guilty of damaging, destroying college properly shall replace the same at their own cost.
  • Students must identify those who cause damage to the college property and report the same to the Principal immediately
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the campus.
  • Students found using drugs or liquor will be dismissed.
  • Students should not participate in political/ communal/ religious activities.
  • Students found guilty of using foul language or behaving rudely towards the staff members, will be expelled form the college.


  • Absent for one period in any session (forenoon/afternoon) shall be treated as absent for half a day.
  • The monthly statement of attendance will be displayed on the Department Notice Board by the respective Department within the first five working days of the following month.
  • Student should earn a minimum of 75% attendance in the current semester to become eligible to write the End-of-Semester Examinations.
  • The cause of the long period of absence should be informed to the Principal within a week’s time and get the leave sanctioned.
  • Candidates who have earned less than attendance 75% are not eligible to appear for the current semester examinations.
  • Candidates who earn attendance below 75% are not eligible to write the examination in the current semester subjects and also have to discontinue the course and rejoin in the same semester in the next academic year, if vacancy is available, with proper approval from the Thiruvalluvar University and the Principal through the Head of the Department concerned. These candidates are eligible to write arrear subjects, if any.